July 1, 2022

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  1. Love me some Normani but I ain’t shocked by this. Black women can never be great in that business.

  2. OMG NOT THEY GONE BLEACH HER OUT …..I have full confidence that Chloe Bailey will see her assignment through!! She been working very hard to garner attention and it seems to be paying off everything she does on and off camera is in the blogs …. She makes sure she’s dressed to entice with every curve and dip on display. She appears to be groomed and very well at that!! This grooming goes wayyyyyyy back from what I’ve seen since her and her sister were very very young. She’s one to watch… As it looks like Bey will have no probs being deactivated by Chloe…. Or is it just me???

  3. Stop it, she will not bleach. Normani is here to stay!!!! I do think Beyonce will push chloe harder to compete with Normani, I hope Normani thrives.

  4. Can you go more further into what these kitten slaves do and why? I know they fornicate with anyone but is it like a prostitution type thing where these women are sold?

  5. She’s tired of being ignore just like Teyana. Eventually when they want the fame/power they’ll start with the rituals.

  6. Yall see that Normani is about to drop a song with Cardi right? I saw pics they did together for the song and immediately thought about this blog.

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