July 1, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/13/2021

  1. Asap and rihanna are cool in my book

    That’s right rih get to the shmoneyyy

    Taylor swift always got drama

    1. Free Britney. My heart bleeds for her.

      Hope Millie doesn’t turn out the same way.

      Bieber will probably never be over Selena.

      Justin and Jessica never seemed like a real marriage anyway. Divorce already lol.

  2. i dont think Taylor is threatened. Selena is her bestie no? and Olivia rumored to be Selena’s replacement. Im sure Taylor knows that? idk..

  3. This ASAP/Rihanna thing is a FWB situation gone on too long. It’s not giving anything. Drake making headline news w/a long term NBA/NFL groupie over this week long video shoot they keep sending to the shade room for clicks just isn’t it.

    I’d even argue Travis Scott got more attention & this was pre-pandemic

  4. I feel sorry for Mllie, her and Britney have been traumatised so much.
    Olivia has bots Taylor doesn’t, and her music is better. Taylor shouldn’t feel threatened.

  5. Who is Justin cheating with now? Another black girl? why are these women willing to be his mistress?? Just divorce already and do your thing. He is still young

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