July 6, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Ask G Fridays 7/9/2021

  1. Damn, damn, damn! Not Lupita having to do a ghetto gaggers routine! I thought she came from money. Why on earth would she subject herself to that bullshit?

    1. To live out her dream. Coming from money dont equal automatic fulfillment in life unfortunately

  2. I think Fantasia tried to sacrifice her brother, Xavier who had a motorcycle crash but he survived but was severely injured. Then her nephew was shot and killed like a year later. I lived in Charlotte and use to see Fantasia a lot around town and at the airport and she often didn’t seem happy.,

    1. Wow i always Wondered about her brothers “accident” smh just smh i forgot all about the nephew! Her brother was hurt real bad & still not 100% i think He has to walk with something for support! Wonder about her husband….like wats up with him🤔 they seem soooo happy but you never know.

  3. That B question/rumor doesn’t even make sense. Most of the time Riri is out when the paps catch her she’s natural unless she’s dressed up for dinner or a special event

    B’s strengths are singing & creating visual experiences for shows. Why she hasn’t created a business out of that instead of her Rihanna obsession & jealousy is beyond me

    B spent all that time bragging about her cheating husband & now that’s all ppl see is a brand of a cheating spouse cosplaying as a power couple when B should’ve left & rebranded herself well before kids came into the picture.

    Now they’re growing up in the same toxicity & dysfunction as B did just to say she had a two parent household only to repeat the same mistakes & set a terrible example to her offspring that this kind of trauma is okay & acceptable to deal with. If two ppl are not happy in the household the kids will pick up on that

    Lol B’s makeup artist has a vegan line inspired by the Lion King.

    I just can’t see B further embarrassing herself copying everything Riri is doing business wise. Everyone would make fun of her & would drag it senseless like they do her fashion lines that nobody wears & close every few years. This is what her 4th attempt @ a fashion line & it’s overly priced & ugly

    What she doesn’t realize is ppl always cared about Riri’s looks, makeup & skincare. B is only asked about her expensive performances. B can’t even handle pap shots showing her real face & size that she has to immediately post severely photoshopped photos of someone half her size for a self esteem boost.

    B’s biggest issue isn’t even the Carter’s brand anymore as much as it is she’s so robotic & everything is contrived for attention & clout & ppl see through the fakery & jealousy. Her own husband doesn’t even invest in her failed business attempts so why attempt more when that’s not your forte?

    1. I agree. Especially on the rebranding. Even in pictures for a while now jay been looking like he ready to leave.

  4. B really needs to get over Rih, Rih just does it better. She needs to use her talents for music. Why can’t she teach dance or something?

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