July 1, 2022

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13 thoughts on “The Massa Rituals whats Really Going On?

  1. These black celebrities are really the entertainment for these white people and black people are just the ones being influenced by them

  2. Modern day slavery that they are CHOOSING to be apart of, smh. Just when you thought the industry couldn’t get more wicked, then boom!

  3. So that mean Twitter boss sponsor Jay z ( and maybe Beyonce too ) in exchange of sex and humiliation rituals ?

  4. They care nothing about us, they don’t even need their money which always belongs to them anyway. Anything to feed baphomet, moloch, baal. They are easy targets.

  5. Embarrassing. All that talk about being independent black ownership just to divest it back into the racist yt folks hands when you reach a certain level of fame

    These entertainers want a seat @ the table so bad they’ll give up portions of their wealth on to of sucking up to racist yt billionaires just for clout & protection when history has shown when they no longer care about these black entertainers they air out ALL their dirty laundry

  6. Basically slavery still exist its now in the entertainment industry the Black celebs are slaves none of them really own anything , i sometimes wonder do these mansions really be theirs and cars

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