July 1, 2022

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14 thoughts on “IG Post Hot Sauce The Code Word in Hollywood What Does It Mean

  1. These people are so evil, hollywood needs to be taken down. I always thought “I got hot sauce in my bag” was so weird for beyonce to say. beyonce know also knows how to say something without saying it. They’re all devilish.

  2. Something that I learned recently about baphomet is that its a symbolization of duality and polarity. Yes some deify it as the God of magic and initiation but the French man that create it only described it as a energy and picture he drew of it was how he could picture it. I wish I could ask G why they use that picture to worship something that is merely someone else’s interpretation of that energy.

  3. Hmmmm and for you new mommy voters… s he also carries around a baby… in her purse?????? Wow.

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