July 1, 2022

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19 thoughts on “word Has It Wednesday

  1. Maybe because they both lost their dad’s recently. I know that’s what was said about Kim and Trina making up.

    I think the only way Kim and Foxy will make up is if Biggie rose up from the grave and made her.

  2. I have a lot of love and respect for Lil Kim, but I have to be honest. This is giving pathetic. Lil Kim went out of her way for years name dropping Nicki and she kept trying to keep this one sided beef alive. How did she go from being her era’s hottest female MC to dissing the next greatest female MC of the next generation all to circle back and ask for support. If I was Nicki, I’d tell her to suck my ass through a straw

    1. Man fuck kim..she never supported nicki and always bad mouthed her. NOW when she NEEDS something she wanna be friends? Its giving fake and pathetic..

  3. Just sounds like she wants to squash the beef with Nicki only because of her book and documentary. After reading those sugar bullets about Kim, I’m starting to understand a little why she’s the way she is.

    I see no reason for Nicki to squash this beef…it was always one sided! As many times as she gave her her flowers, ON VIDEO, and still ran with the narrative that she wasn’t giving her credit. But since you’re putting out a tell all book and documentary, you need a solid fan base (Barbz) to help you do numbers

    I’ve been wanting a collab from them for years now, but it seems like Kim be hating on the next generation for no reason, but has the nerve to support Cardi and Meg lol make it make sense

  4. If she is really turning her life around then she need to apologize to Naturi. Only then is when I will believe this narrative

  5. What beef is she trying to squash tho?? Seems like she’s been the only one beefing all these years while Nicki’s been paying her dust… sounds like she’s most deff trying to using Nicki as promo for her book. SMH, Nicki stay away.. far away from these industry people.

  6. Yes they need to squash this because Nicki always gave Kim props and honestly Kim was always the one talkin shit and Nicki just kept hustling and prospering.

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