July 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Lil Kim Part 2

  1. Scott was tricking big time on Kim but when he ran into legal issues they repossessed all the gifts he gave her.

  2. Lil Kim is a legend yes cool👍🏼The misconception of her not writing?🥴 It true How come eversince then she can’t write to save her life now.

    1. Some people experience writers block and she was going through so much personally after Big death, maybe she couldn’t find her mojo again

  3. Quiet Storm, Lighters up, No matter what people say. Are just a few HITS that came after Biggie passed away.

  4. I love her. But you can tell that the style is different for certain songs. Quiet storm was probably written by one of the dude is mobb deep… they said the misconception that BIG WROTE IT wasn’t true… not that she wrote it herself…

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