July 1, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/3/2021

  1. Serena daddy was mean af. I remember training in Deerfield beach with them. He wouldn’t even let us speak. And we were them only black players there. Oh wait I’m lying. Do you remember Zena Garrison? I was such a big fan.

  2. I don’t know if I necessarily believe that TomDaya is PR. I mean there’s nothing right now for them to promote. The pap said that they weren’t called & they had no idea they were being photographed or filmed & Tom has been spotted on set of Euphoria recently & a private chef leaked in November he cooked a private dinner for them. There’s been rumors about them being off & on for 5 years, I’m not seeing the bearding angle

    I don’t know what the B/Jay/Jack Dorsey thing means

    Will just needs to divorce Jada. Why keep up the facade @ this point? It’s more beneficial to Jada to be known as Mrs Smith than it is for Will to continue to have all these Tupac stories & poems regurgitated all the time

    Karruche & Chris have been spotted for awhile so this definitely isn’t a coincidence. I’m willing to bet this was even leaked on purpose to put out a feeler on how the public would react to them being together again. This won’t be the last time they’ll be spotted together again either & I wonder if she’ll have that same energy. So much for that restraining order

    I liked the potential more of Doja Cat & the Weekend. It could’ve boosted album sales. Oh well

  3. Well what happened to Chris girlfriend Amika I think her name is. Jay gone let the CEO have Bey to close a major deal. She stay getting pimped out.

    1. Ammikaa is just a baby mama
      And one of his rotations he never claimed her.
      He was trying to get back with karrueche

    2. Right bey always the only lady. But can we get more on this whole jay bey and twitter ceo. Like what’s going on.

      And for Sha’Carri girl focus on your family.

      1. Far as I know, JZ Is entering the cryptocurrency space. He changed his avatar on Twitter to a digital version of himself that he bought earlier in the year with crypto. Twitter CEO is about to do an event talking about Bitcoin with Elon Musk. With the event coming up and those 3 in the Hamptons, it’s not a coincidence

  4. Lil Kim seems very bothered by the 50cent post. Her response was too long for someone so “unbothered”.

  5. It’s so funny how Bey and Jay aren’t photographed until they want to be seen with certain people.

  6. I think Zendaya is bi. She’s been low-key and hiding anything to do with him for years. I think this is the real deal. Of all her choices, he doesn’t scream beard.

  7. Pac wasn’t gonna beat nobody up. That “thug” persona was created by Death Row Records. HE WAS NOT A THUG!!

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