July 1, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Ask G Fridays Did Cardi B Know About Atlantic’s plan?

  1. Cardi may not have known in the beginning but there is no way she didn’t realize later on that was the plan.

    1. Right you must be a blind fool to have caught on. Even I’m not into the rap scene as much and I started to notice what they were doing. People like Azealia Banks spoke on it too.

  2. G this goes against what you said previously which was that ATLANTIC DID IN FACT USE REMY TO KNOCK NICKI SOWN AND NOTCH AND BRING CARDI IN TO REPLACE HER

  3. Anything to defend her right…. Just say she knew but didn’t care she wanted to make money! Even there is a article BILLBOARD did do ur RESEARCH and the guy said he told her now what?!!!!! Y’all credibility is questionable and been like that since y’all in contact w CARDI…. thirsty in my opinion!

  4. Oh please! She knew! They found the one person who was desperate enough and wanted to make it it so bad that she’d agree to anything

  5. COMPETION!? Cardi b COMPETION for nicki!? LMAO come on not even you don’t believe that G lmao.. cardi new exactly what Atlantic was doing CUT THE BS

  6. Her handler, Brooklyn Johnny who is well connected in the industry specifically said he told the execs at Atlantic that he has someone that will go against Nicki.

  7. Lol competition? If they gotta use their connections or money to give her number ones and a grammy how is that real competition? It really is true that nicki ain’t going up against cardi, it’s a whole record label. It’s obvious as hell they said lets give her things that nicki doesn’t have, the grammy and number one. But what ALL of these women truly don’t have is a fan base, cuz if nicki didn’t have that she would’ve been done years ago.

  8. And honestly your blog is the reason a lot of people feel this way, but because cardi pay you and the other guy some attention yall damn sure careful as hell how yall report on her. Just like how yall didn’t wanna say she pregnant but when she said it tried to make it seem like yall knew and spoke on it when yall both was just beating around the bush.

  9. I’m gone with with blog. Too much switching around with these stories. Exposingismyting was right all along

  10. This is definitely going against what you all said in the past. It seems like now since Cardi shows yall some attention, yall began being biased. G, i love you and your content but now you got to keep it real. Cardi knew what Atlantic was doing

  11. This is not what you said at first… now I see why NIcki unfollowed blogs cuz if you cool then they think you paying them but the thing is a lot of blogs kiss Cardi ass and dog NIcki out but she still out here breaking records. #teamNicki4ever

    I love you G but you was the one unbiased blog I loved. Even Fee switched up and she used to say bashing comments about cardi.. so did that blogger Armon.. was a big Barb until he became cool with Cardi. We want the truth. No sugar coating.

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