July 1, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/30/2021

  1. I’m freaking sad about Britney and I think this is it for her.I feel like they just want her to commit suicide or something . I hope she can hold on for the sake of her kids..
    I would love to know why Blair is getting a divorce so late in life. I wonder what happened
    I don’t like the disrespect they are giving to Phyllicia Rashad. It doesn’t sit right with me. She said what she said..
    Bobby and Keith sweat…I’m not even sure if that is even a good match but I think Bobby got it

  2. Umm. Just for some true information from the county that freed Bill Cosby… we couldn’t legally sign a plea bargain for two yrs for the case. I said it was bad news from the door. It had to go bc nobody testifying out here til it was fixed. You can prosecute but not so the people of this county cannot have a plea deal bc you bust open a big one? CI informants, not testifying. Federal informants, not testifying. Legally a complete mess. Thats why dismissed so harshly. You had to do it straight up. She took the money and signed that contract.

  3. Man imma ride with Keith with this one! I love me some him
    Do you have any tea on Mr. Sweat!

  4. When I saw Blair’s statement I was excited. Is that wrong? I have had a crush on him for years. I know I can’t get him but a girl can hope LOL

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