July 1, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 7/1/2021

  1. 1. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears
    2. J Lo and A Rod
    3.Selena Gomez the Ex is Justin Bieber and the Ex she lost is The Weekend

  2. 1. Kevin Frderline, Brittany Spears
    2. ARof, JLo
    3. Ariana Grande, Big Sean, dont know who she was dating bc i dont follow this one at all

  3. What is K-Fed going to do in a few years when Britney’s kids are adults & realize his user ways?

  4. Kevin Federline flop rapper ass want Britney to keep goin through hell so he ain’t gotta work. Hate that he’s Britney BD.

    A-Rod & J-Lo. He must not have known about her track record lol she always replaces men fast. My only thing is didn’t J-Lo have an old ex that threatened to drop a tape on her before she blew up so she had to pay him off… she must have a kink for being filmed on camera on something cause dudes keep holding tapes over her head.

    Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber/The Weeknd. He can’t be that freaky in the bed Selena lol I genuinely think that girl has a dependency issue or something. Or maybe she can’t process how he married Hailey right after leading her on AGAIN smh she better wake up.

  5. I think the last one is Ariana grande and big Sean. Maybe the ex she lost could be Mac Miller or Pete Davidson ?

    1. My guess is her too because last I heard Justin was trying to reach Selena not the other way around? hmmm

  6. Yall Ariana is from Nickelodeon not Disney so it can’t be her (unless they put the wring network on accident)

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