July 1, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Tuesday… Sugar Bullets Trina

  1. Wow Trina is something trick daddy Missy Jay z ewwwww
    And if she is HIV positive I feel sorry for her

  2. Everybody here in the South have been talking about Trina having HIV, I hope she practices safe sex and takes care of herself.

  3. If she is HIV positive then most likely she is taking meds to keep it under control and it isn’t detected in her body. Something like that. In the entertainment industry HIV has to be a normal thing. eeeek

  4. So whole time the story going around about khia having HIV trina had it? That’s so weird.

    But does megan know that since trina ate her cooch?

  5. Khia doesn’t have HIV that’s a rumor that was put out in her I did hear about Trina and a few others in that black entertainment industry having it in the industry that’s normal to have STDS

  6. I knew pretty all this about Trina and from the 305 the HIV positive is True; I was told she was messing with some big time drug dealer and got it from him👀

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