July 1, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets: The Music Industry Current Agenda

  1. So glad I’m not in the industry. For some reason TO ME it seems like Lil Nas not really gay but he gotta put on to keep his money flow…that dancing & kiss he did just seemed to me like he pushed himself to do it all. He doesn’t seem happy to me.

    1. He isn’t gay. My gaydar is never wrong. But his is an glory whore who will do anything (obviously) for the limelight.

    2. I literally told my friend right before this post came out yesterday. I knew he wasn’t gay when i saw his “twerk” in the montero video.

  2. G can you please do one on the acting industry? Is it any better and the rituals they gotta do!

    1. Everything you wrote is factual that kingdom of wickness is falling every last one of them who sold their souls will suffer especially doing them pedophilia rituals don’t sell your soul I’m glad I didn’t bother to want to I be famous shit is disturbing those that made it out that industry and never look back or sell out salute them all praise to the most high Yah son yahweh barakatha

  3. G remember last year in a post you said the record labels don’t run the industry anymore? Is that still true?

  4. This is sad! You can see the agenda being pushed..they wanna destroy the image of a strong black man. But I can say society is doing some push back on this stuff people have been talking about the feminization of black men and how black women are pushing thot behavior

  5. 360 deals are in every contract??? Wow. If the labels aren’t doing the work, who, or what is?

    And why pay for the first year+, investment wise or to let em know how serious you are?

    I’m not surprised, but standards in the music industry depleted throughout time. Maybe it was designed to be this way. I mean, they are the ones promoting degeneracy to a generation. Cause and effect. I’m a millennial/Gen Z (whichever one lol) I’m young, so it took me time to peep game.

    One last thing I want to say:

    In my opinion, the last good/decent era of music was the 2010s. It’s only going to get worse from here. These days, It’s like finding hay in a needle sack

  6. So I’ve been following Yung Miami since 2014. WAY before she became famous because I’m from FL. She always said she was “strictly dickly” & not with that gay shit. Then all of a sudden she started saying she would fuck a girl, her & Megan started flirting on Twitter then Sunday they kissed. Now I really believe what you’re saying.. This is really an agenda.

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