July 1, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/28/2021

  1. Danileigh is weird af to me. She gets on my nerves so it’s been nice that she’s keeping a low profile but I know she’s guna come out of her hiatus and get right back in the spotlight.

  2. I want Nocki Lil Kim verzus. They both can do it big! I wanna see the baby Dani! I actually love her and her spirit is joy!

  3. Why do I feel like Ri Ri is just settling now? :/. I mean as long as she is happy but ASAP giving me bad news bears vibes lolll 🙁

  4. This Danileigh thing is interesting. Wonder how long she will keep “da baby” (see what I did there? Lol) quiet…or can she not say anything about it at all? I remember it being posted that her management wanted her pregnancy to be hush hush. Also if you look at her IG she posted a pic of her on a beach and you can see her shadow is pregnant lol

    Good for Lauren. She shouldn’t be associating with that devil anyway.

    Are these alleged flirty texts from Da Brat old or recent? Because Da Brat’s engaged right?

  5. Please u guys didn’t know or say anything about cardis pregnancy y’all said it’s weight gain because that’s what she told y’all and y’all believe her lies again 🥴

  6. I thought y’all didn’t know if Cardi was pregnant? Or y’all just kept it a secret for her butter y’all out every other person’s business out there. She really be buying all the blogs smh

  7. I don’t get how some will say ASAP gives them bad vibes when you hardly see the man lol that always makes me laugh cause since the beginning of their relationship he is hardly seen and he didn’t speak on them at all until last month when they’ve been dealing with each other since late 2019. But hey it’s beating a dead horse at this point she’s been glowing since she got back to NY and I love it for her. Her family been showing love to them too which is beautiful even though the fans been angry at it lol

  8. Rihanna was spotted last night coming out of The Bowery Hotel again ( they also spotted her the other day and seen her go shopping in fendi as well) where they say she has been staying at in lower east side.

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