July 1, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Spilling Season 12 Saturdays The Truth Behind The Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson Beef

  1. I love Janet but Whitney the only voice of my heart! And I mean that! She sang for women like me

  2. So technically Janet had the biggest impact, it took for Whitney to die for her sales to go up. I liked them both for different reasons, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how they could be compared to one another. It’s like comparing apples to oranges in my opinion.

  3. I’m agree with the above comment. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Janet can’t put song Whitney but she can out dance her and her stage performance is top notch. Whitney got on drugs and fucked up her career. I love them both

  4. Janet and Whitney were not even on the same lane so not sure why there was ever a comparison. I guess the only thing in common is the guys they fucked. I never knew those two didn’t like each other. They were both equally successful and unique in their own ways. Vocally, Janet stand no chance because Whitney had a special voice or range that no one can actually emulate. Janet was an entertainer who can out dance Whitney any day but as for tour sales, I think Janet beat Whitney on that.

  5. I’ve never even thought To put Whitney and Janet against each other cause I look to them for different things. Whitney for her voice and Janet for her dancing/entertaining.

    1. prince and Michael were always compared and they were not the same prince played instruments and performed michael played no instruments he danced and entertained yet they were always compared even right now Nicki and cardi is compared and nicki is a lyricist cardi is not

    2. Right…like how Eve & Trina did that versus…they just don’t match to me…Trina shoulda been against someone like Khia…Eve shoulda been against someone that raps like her…Trina & Eve raps are just different to me in my opinion. Whitney will always be on top of singing & Janet will always be on top of dancing🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. Janet was ahead of her time. She was making socially woke and sexually feminist music before it was cool. Beyonce Formation or Lady Gaga Born this Way- she already did that. Bright red hair and tattoos, piercings, and S&M- she already did that before Rihanna did. Choreography and head mics-she already did that before Britney. Strip teasing to guys in the audience-already did that before as well

    People used to clown her whisper singing, and using sampling but now that’s the style in R&B.

    1. Facts!!! I like them both but I’m always gonna be Team Janet.

      But let’s rewind that comment about J not being able to take big dick lol. I know that’s gotta be old because she’s a self-proclaimed size queen now lol

  7. I will say, they are both talented wonderful black women that we don’t need to pit against each other, we lost one to soon and we have another one alive and we need to give her flowers and not tear her down for the sake of another that is gone, they both are great at what they did, lets not try to diminish eithers talent in singing and entertaining. Cissy was just being a mother making those statements to make her daughter feel good, but remember Cissy also caused a lot of harm to Whitney, and yes she was in the business for 30years but don’t sleep on the Jackson family, they are the dynasty of musical family, so watch ya mouth Cissy darling lol

  8. Janet is an entertainer whereas Whitney was a singer. Whitney could sing with or without a mic, backup singers, and music…..She had the VOICE!!

  9. There’s never been a comparison for me. Whitney is the Voice. When you have talent, you don’t need to dance. Your voice is all you need. Janet is an entertainer.

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