July 1, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/25/2021

  1. One thing about Kim, she is a real Libra friend. She aht aht chica imma catch him this time. Kim gets on my damn nerves but I cannot all the way dislike her.z something a lil too real about that one there

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion if Riri was w/anyone else she wouldn’tve had that ID issue nor would she have been turned away. 👀

    So although Brit spoke out, she basically was forced back home to her abusers bc there’s no resolution as of now? I feel for her she doesn’t deserve this @ all & the FBI or something needs to get involved bc this is insane

    Screw Justin Timberlake for the fake support when he’s benefitted the most besides Britney’s family in being in this c-ship & still trashed & disrespected this woman & threw shots @ her since their breakup well before the c-ship in all his interviews, on social media & @ his concerts anytime CMAR is performed. It’s all about image repair for him bc the real him was exposed on the documentary & he wants positive PR but everyone sees through it. These celebs have something to say now, but also aren’t doing anything

    Who cares about Trick Daddy’s opinion on Gizelle? It’s not that serious to leave negative comments on his restaurant. Again not everyone worships Gizelle or her husband nor does everyone have to like her & that’s okay. & nobody puts Gizelle’s vocals on the level of Whitney or Mariah so if he’s not impressed by her singing so be it. Gizelle as of late has been nothing but a hype machine w/a strong PR backing but she’s essentially a robot & hasn’t put out any good music since Destiny’s Child & her 1st two solo albums

    This is why ppl are afraid to speak out publicly about her bc her fans specifically does the most. If it’s a female saying anything, the Hive sends death threats like they did to Rachel Roy & the Warriors owners wife, if it’s a male, they go after his business or have him “cancelled.” The negativity & toxicity that has dominated that fanbase has also been a huge reason so many are turned off from Gizelle by extension

    Didnt Kim/Melo/Lala have a threesome?

  3. I feel so sad for Britney. She really doesn’t deserve this and I wish Justin would shut up about it. He no longer needs to have her name come out of his mouth anymore
    Which Kennedy is Dame’s daughter is dating? RFK had a shit load of kids…
    Wendy really needs to think before she say stupid shit outta her mouth. I think it’s only a matter of time before they cancel her show.
    I don’t think what Trick daddy said was wrong. Nobody likes Beyonce like that and they shouldn’t have to be reprimanded if they don’t like her. She sucks. I always thought so since before she became solo lol…Leave that man alone with his business

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