July 1, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Spilling Tea on everybody

    1. I want more on J Cole and Jigga too. I heard that the fallout occurred after Cole wouldn’t go after drake on wax even Jay wanted him too

    1. Not surprised Cole hates Jay. He basically signed him to shelve him. Cole’s success is all Cole’s own doing, Roc Nation has done nothing to help him. Jay is a hater so he definitely (despite what he tries to portray) isn’t helping another rapper take his place. I think Cole wants off the label but they won’t let him.

  1. So Dababy keeps chasing this woman for?? People keep giving her hell while looks like it’s Dababy not letting go of Danileigh. Dababy and Danileigh seemed to have had a passionate relationship ,but it was coming off to be more than the sex when he was flying his family out to help celebrate Danileigh’s birthday etc, singing about her after his brother passed away. He was claiming Danileigh more than he ever did his bm’s , so if he has no respect for Dani he damn sure has none for his 1st bm. He sure was of doing a lot behind Dani; seems like there’s more to the story between those two.

  2. Umm Nicki didn’t defend MJB. What did you read? She did give him the benefit of the doubt, but she strongly suggested he change the name and educated him publicly on the post. A lot of people from T&T were praising her for speaking up. Also, I can’t understand why people from T&T would still feel away about that trip and her husband being over protective once they learned she was pregnant on that trip…..

  3. If Cardi ever drops this album it better be worth it, I can see the pregnancy stunt being pulled again.
    You can tell Cole and Jay don’t have the best relationship. I know Cole wish he would’ve stayed independent

  4. Cole has such a strong fan base that he could be independent and still do good because ppl will buy his albums because it’s him at this point.

  5. Dababy is the guy our moms warn us about. He’ll talk you into doing bad things, make you feel guilty or lame if you don’t wanna have sex with him get you pregnant and then LEAVE!

  6. Chloe should save some energy for her longevity career. I feel the locs will be gone in a couple years. Halle is in the right lane. She never seemed like she wanted to be a big star she’s just talented. I wonder if their oldest sister can sing.

  7. So Jcole can’t ever get out and is stuck on that label forever? What will he have to do to get out? Pay to get out?

  8. I wonder if diddy got up in usher’s guts?
    I know usher is rude especially what he said to tpain

  9. Hi G: Can we get more on the story of Chris and Rihanna please? First question who was the girl he was messing with before him and Rihanna was official that showed up at the Grammy’s dinner uninvited & unexpectedly and then texted him later that night they had the fight? People suspect his mgr Tina Davis. He wouldn’t name the person but, in the doc he says is it was somebody that wasn’t invited to the dinner. But we know managers usually come with their clients to important events like that. Second, did him and Tina really have a sexual relationship at some point or was it all cap because nobody knew who it really was? Tbh I suspect Teyana or maybe even Jhene bcuz back in early days Chris Soulja Boy Bow Jhene Teyana was all hanging real tight on their tours no telling what was happening on the tour buses and in the hotel rooms unsupervised. But this girls name has been a well kept secret for over a decade now. Who is it????

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