July 1, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Mondays 6/22/2021

  1. I believe Brandon is Michael’s
    He talks and walks just like him
    I feel for Nikki why did she get back with Kenny?

  2. Katherine can fight a mistress but not her own husband abusing her kids? Girl bye! I think he’s Michael’s son

  3. After seeing that old video footage of Janet whoopin up on one of her brothers as a child I definitely believe she’s got hands lol

    And I just looked at Brandon’s IG (@bhowardofficial) and he looks so much like MJ and sounds like him from the music he’s posted.

    The Jacksons STAY with some secrets but I still love me some MJ and Janet lol

  4. Wow i didn’t know Kenny did that. Idk tho, sometimes ppl change and maybe being in prison changed him for the better. That stuff was over 20yrs ago

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