July 1, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets The Jacksons Part 2

  1. Jermaine couldn’t tie Michael’s shoes, he better stop playing talking bout he was better than him 🙄

  2. So wait is Mikki’s son Joe Jackson’s? 🤯🤯..girrrrrllll now that is some 🔥🫖..right there

  3. Rebee a leach wow! I really thought it was Latoya and who’s the baby the so called baby and Brandon has to be a Jackson he talks and has Michael’s mannerisms it’s crazy. Jermaine told tmz that they didn’t need Michael

  4. Wow, Mikki Howard’s son does look like a Jackson. I also heard stories about Michael having a deep voice.

  5. Wow. Wow. WOW!!!! So much sugar I am now diabetic. Thanks! Lol

    I saw Mikki’s kids on her Unsung episode and that son definitely looks like a Jackson.

    Speaking of kids that look like Jacksons…what about the young man who was sitting on the front row at MJ’s funeral that’s from another country?? Any sugar there?

    I would have to whoop Rene’s ass for giving me something. Is that why they ultimately divorced, or did he cheat on Janet with one of her dancers? (That’s a rumor I heard.)

    Hell, how many outside kids does Joe have?!

  6. I wish people would stop acting like Whitney was innocent and she had nothing to do with her own life. Whitney chose her own path, she was grown enough to know what she was doing.

  7. I heard about Jermaine and Whitney also. Saving all my love of one of my favs by here too. Damn Whit.

    Renee put my girl Janet through it! And you can tell her and Michael was extremely close. Like they had an awesome relationship.

    That boy is definitely a Jackson. Ain’t no if’s ands or butts about it. All them people look exactly alike. Mother and father too. That’s why Rebbie look like them even tho she’s not Joe’s child. I remember I had a book about them back when I was young. It was a big book with lots of photos too.

    And I meant to ask from part one. When you say Joe was abusing them. Was it physical or sexual?

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