July 6, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/21/2021

  1. So Drake is not smashing Amari’s mom? Or he’s doing both? I caught him whispering in her ear, and she was waiting for him outside his AMG. I think it will be great for him to start a sports management business.

  2. Kylie didn’t really talk about Jordyn like I hope she would’ve, I could tell by her body language that she misses her though.. also do you think that her and Trav been together this whole time but kept it private?!

  3. There’s a theory now going around (thanks to comedian Lil Duval I think) that Nick is spreading babies like he’s about to die. I know he’s got Lupus but I thought he was pretty healthy.

    1. Lupus is a very serious illness
      So Khloe is sticking beside Tristan huh
      Why don’t they admit they got their bodies done

  4. Can you explain what the 10 BM ritual is? What is it for? Is it a humiliation ritual or is it for lowering his net worth by dividing it by 10 kids?

    I honestly don’t think anyone wants to hear Joe Budden tbh. I could be wrong, he’s annoying as fuck too 😂

    1. That baby mama what now? Can you delve more into that cause it’s the first time I’ve heard this.

      What tweet did nicki like?

      If I was kev I wouldn’t respond his success speaks for itself. Everybody won’t think you’re funny so what the check still cleared. I get it tho we’re human and those comments can weigh on someone.

      I really hate that reginae is settling so young she is lil Wayne’s daughter for godsakes 🤦🏽‍♀️ She could’ve been anything in the world but she chose to be lucci’s gf.

      After seeing all those posts about ben last night (cause I dnt watch since I don’t understand it) he needs to focus on shooting the ball. Sixes fans are pissed at him.

      Did khloe ever apologize to the women she did the same thing to? Just a question?

  5. Why should Jordan apologize? Khloe did the same to multiple”friends”. Foh.

    Ben is giving crazy af

    10 baby mamas? Why?

    I hope kim pulls a fine ass billionaire, like rih did.

  6. Chloe performance was over the top. I have seen many artist sing that song but none like Chloe. Why is she doing the most.

  7. Why does Nick, Future and all these other rappers keep having all these babies? Nick can afford them but there’s no way you can be there for all them kids. Reginae is too young and beautiful to be settling for anything, I wish she was more like Lori. Your twenties are for hiring and firing these dudes.

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