May 16, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/20/2021

  1. Chanel Westcoast is truly delusional. Sweetie you can’t rap for one and I’m willing to bet your deal fell through because Lil Wayne and his suffering from self hate ass probably promised you a booming career as long as you let him hit, and you did and then he left you high and dry. Happens to a lot of chicks sweetheart, just fess up to it Instead of trying to blame Nicki lol

  2. Kiely wants to be relevant so bad. That extra info was unnecessary.
    With Russell Simmons is Kimora talking about underage girls when she says “bodies”?
    Chanel Westcoast? Stick to that annoying laugh and Ridiculousness

  3. That Sinbad benefit comedy show happened here in Nashville last Monday, didn’t know the family was behind it. LOTS of people attended…

    1. I was just about to say this lol. I saw pics and it did look like a lot of people went which is good considering it popped up outta nowhere lol. I hope Sinbad is doing better though.

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