July 1, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar is In The Answers

  1. I think Nipsey was a Meek Mill sacrifice. Roddy rich is signed to meek and the year nipsey died he had a song with roddy, Roddy blew up and there was Grammy talk for him. Also meek been going up ever since then.

    1. I saw a video title on YouTube saying king von was a meek sacrifice. But i never knew roddy was meeks artist. Man i still think nipsey was lil wayne and lauren sacrifice for jay z helping wayne get outta debt.

  2. DMX was sacrificed by swiss beats I dont care what nobody says… he was just in the studio with dmx then erased the picture than posted a sunset picture… That big nose and camel face had a big part in it….

  3. G can you and heav spill all of the tea y’all know about the Jackson family and I mean all of it

  4. Why would they kill so many innocent people when trying to murder Kobe? What did he have the pharmaceuticals company? Why did he want to leave Nike?

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