July 6, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Word Has it

  1. She should be careful Chris is a short tempered coke head, if he feels like she playing games he most likely make her life a living hell.

  2. I don’t think karrueche wants to toy with Chris, his emotions, and his temper. There’s a reason she still has that RO in place. I know it’s said she still got it cause she don’t wanna look like she lied about all the domestic violence stuff and being scared for her life but sis poppin up at the same club as him is no different. Many will say if you so scared of him why you go to the same spots as him? She knows Chris can flip like a light switch so I’m sure that plays in the back of her head and another reason she keeps the RO.

    Karrueche probably just enjoying finally having the ball in her court with this dynamic. Chris finally on bended knee begging her versus the other way around. Every woman loves an ego stroke and having a man eat out the palm of her hand but as soon as she finally gives the “Nah I think we done” answer Chris gonna go right back into savage mode. And just like people wasn’t trying to deal with Chris and her’s shenanigans on them acting sets before, they ain’t gonna wanna deal with it now cause Chris will take it there lol she better think this all the way through.

  3. If I was Karruche I would leave Chris Brown alone,., I would say be friends, but no she needs to leave him alone…… Chris got way to much going on and she has her life in front of her… she keep messing with him and she gonna loose out on a lot. She has no kids she can have fun and find better. But it also her life what ever make her happy

  4. Sis better be sure she wants Chris back. His brand of crazy may not work out the way she thinks. He may try to kill her if she turns him down again. You’re in danger girl.

    1. Crazy y’all think he would do something like when people have nothing but nice things to say about him

  5. I love karrueche. I want her to be careful. I saw on Crazy Days and Nights that Chris may be on heroin? I hope there’s no truth to that but….

  6. Yah in the comments making me scared do you really think Chris would try to hurt her? Maybe his kids calmed him down, but again you never know.

  7. Kae needs to leave Chris alone. Chris has managed to find girls who look eerily similar to her. If that’s not next level stalking and obsessive behaviour, I don’t know what is.

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