July 1, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/17/2021

  1. Living together is the new norm. It happens in “real life” so make it popular amongst celebrities. I do notice that young people are trying to take on traditional roles. Talking about getting married, having two parents in the home. dating different races and dating often to find out who is the most comparable to them. We’ll see.

  2. Does Kanye even want more kids? He already has 4?

    That relationship thing has been normal for several decades, maybe the US is slow but it’s been a thing in other countries for decades. Industry late as always.

    That jlo & ben relationship is moving pretty fast, something seems off.

    Lol so Nicki is still considered a threat to the industry, even though they’ve planned & tried to get rid of her for the last 5-6 years? From manipulating her sales, streams, radio play and now her features. Her fanbase may be a little extra but they buy tf out of everything she drops. So It’s getting pathetic at this point…would make more sense to get her on their side again

  3. I thought khloe would’ve been worth more. I’m glad Jennifer Garner put her foot down Jlo and Ben need to slow down it smells like a publicity stunt. They should leave Nicki alone.

  4. Nicki fan base is too strong. That’s why they mad. They wanted to humiliate her and destroy her but it didn’t happen. Thats some real mf power if u ask me.

  5. Can yall go into more detail about this secret “look but don’t touch list”? Who else is on it? Why are they there?

  6. G, i was going to ask, do you think another mass email was sent out for other celebs to start being cool with nicki again? because when she put out beam me up scotty again, all the celebs was on her dick again. But now you’re saying the elites still don’t want others to work with her. I know Jay is behind this. is this still over Miley? she been apologized. why they can’t leave Nicki alone? what did she do that was so bad?

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