July 1, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Season 12 Finally! The Real Truth About K Pop

  1. When I lived in Korea a lot of the artists and entertainers in general were miserable. It was an unspoken fact in Korea what goes on in the entertainment industry there!

  2. I wouldn’t doubt that K pop has its dark side. The S. Korean government created that industry to bail the country out of debt( a genius idea) and it worked. There is no way that they are going to let their “products” I mean artists jack up the money train. Anything to keep those kids in order. People are so caught up on the fame and fortune, they fail to see they are locking themselves up in a prison.

  3. I wondered about this. I got into K- dramas over the last year and I feel like one of my favorite actors is throwing up the signs from time to time but I didn’t want to believe it 😞

  4. I’m curious, do you have any information to share about BTS? Specifically how are they treated by their label? What rumors surround their group?

    1. I’m also wondering about them too especially with them being popular in the US. Also, do girls really be screaming that hard and shrill for them like that or is it someone playing sound effects? Lol. That may sound silly but one award show they were on the screams didn’t sound real.

  5. This was a lot to read and I honestly enjoyed it. Never thought too much of KPOP just know they have extremely dedicated fans… and like this post mentions, they have such a “perfect” and unrealistic look.

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