August 18, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Jay-z and Ashanti?

  1. No one can tell me different but Ashanti has Karma attached to her. She’s low key enough but we still know what she’s been up to through the years.

  2. We go on and on about Beyonce being a witch. We really need to look at Jay Z being a warlock. The man is so not attractive and stay pulling women. Let’s talk about it!

    1. @Karyn he definitely is a warlock he Satan connected as well that’s why they give into him he will quickly sacrifice anybody

    2. Before he crossed over to the dark side, it was merely swag. Jay isn’t a looker by far but he had hella confidence and that’s a draw.

      Hell I know when he first came out I was on his but sack hard!!!

  3. before i even finished i knew it had something to do with sex. jay z couldnt keep his dirty dick in his pants

  4. Back in the day, before this new hair..Jay had that swag and appeal that certain guys just naturally have. Its like..they don’t have to be fine to be sexy, if that makes sense. And hey, I still remember what ole girl wrote in her book about him…having a peen the size of a 2 liter bottle of soda probably ain’t hurting his appeal for a lot of women!

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