July 6, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/15/2021

  1. Sheensea’s mom died unexpectedly about a year ago and within that time she started getting more traction. Is she the next Meg Thee Stallion.

    1. I always thought her mom was a sacrifice. So sad. I think I asked that question on here before. Do Caribbean artists (dancehall and soca) participate in sacrifices and rituals.

      1. I believe they participate in it if they are trying to move into mainstream. It’s so crazy because once Caribbean. hits mainstream, their music sucks. Better to keep it authentic

  2. ^^right? When I saw her mom died I was like hmmmm….
    Can y’all do a story on what goes in the Caribbean and African music industries? Do they do rituals like over here? Etc.

  3. I did not need the Lamar and Wendy visuals. I need to become friends with Kelis because I would love to be able to grow my own food.

  4. Lamar as in Odom?? Lol

    I heard that John Legend’s agent or manager has told him to leave Chrissy. Any truth to this?

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