July 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Murder of Instagram Influencer Alexis Sharkey part 2

  1. I love how you bring light to things I never heard about. This is tragic..

    The fact that she was bathed and nude… and found 4 miles from her house. Sounds like they needed to search the area between her and Tom’s place and where they found her body. Because it kind of sounds like HE might’ve cleaned her so DNA would be found on her body and possibly transported her. I’d have to read the actual article to see if they’d done all this already. But this definitely sounds off. And the fact that nobody knows what profession he’s in, that could be anything up to being high level in some kind of “organization”. Fucked up you never really know who TF you’re laying down with.

  2. Are they still investigating? The murderer covered their tracks that good that police can’t find them?

    1. it is ridiculous it has been 5 months since they deemed this a homicide and not one arrest or suspect? They usually so this within 48 hours

  3. This is crazy that all this time has come and no real solution on the case and what happened. I may watch alot of movies and all but could Tanya and Tom be in on it? When she was in México, is it known if Tom was being cool or controlling? So many scenarios possible here with this. Could Alexis have fluid sexual preferences? Many times men will be cool with it.

    1. yes when she was in mexico she was with another fmale but she hooked up allrgrdly with that DJ the same one that took her to the bar on thanksgiving night

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