May 22, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesdays Azealia Banks

  1. But the men can chill with each other or fight each other but they can’t let the women make money in peace smh. Honestly if i was Nicki, i would do my last album and relax with my hard earned riches and watch them fight it out. The industry is just messy for literally no reason.

  2. Hope Nicki continues to ignore her. It’s not even worth it. We all know they will make everyone try to beef with Nicki to get people to take her out of the game so that they can continue to eat off of girls signing 360 deals. SMH. One can only wish that Atlantic will get exposed for the fraudulent shit. However I don’t think that people even take her serious enough to start the beef? They would need to re-invent Azealia and her entire image.
    Azealia has some mental issues and it’s not funny anymore. She keeps talking reckless about people, it won’t end good.

  3. I mean, as out there as Sis is half the time..I don’t know if that tactic would even work though. I’d say by now, 95% of folks just read posts about her to clown whatever has come out of her mouth. And everyyyyyy blue moon, she will drop a gem.

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