May 22, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Tuesdays

  1. This segment is one of my faves.
    SouljA and Saweetie though? Meh.
    I hope this marriage lasts for Jlo!
    Summer is in a pickle now because London will forever be attached to her. Yikes!

  2. What’s the point of getting your body done just to end up pregnant? I guess pregnancy is becoming an album promotion

  3. Saweetie & Soulja…Ion like it. I hate the fact that babies are being made from these PR relationships. The kids are the ones who will suffer greater in the long run.

  4. Soulja Boy and Saweetie is random af.
    Has Drake ever contacted Demetria or has he just paid her dust?

  5. Soulja boy and Saweetie ctfu. Saweetie can’t be acting all bougie. He too all over the place for that. She can be herself.

    Cardi album been coming out for years now

  6. Kylie is so insecure its obvious. Travia clearly likes black women.

    Cardi career survives off gimmicks and tiktok at this point. Her music only charts bcuz of tiktok. As soon as that app dies, so will her career.

    G, u were right about kanye being seen out with a woman before kim!

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