May 22, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Tuesdays 6/8/2021

  1. Doja & Kanye West would actually sound really good. I can hear it. That could be a really dope song tbh.
    Hope Adele releases soon & that her voice isn’t too damaged. We’ve been waiting very long for her album.
    I honestly don’t care about Megan and RN, she couldn’t prove herself with her debut album which came out 6-7months ago? The debut album usually sets the tone of somone‘s career and her trying to beef with Nicki is such an old and tired strategy 😒😒
    How can Nicki release her album with republic/ universal when she signed a 6-album deal with Young Money? I thought Republic/ universal are only the distributors?

  2. I wonder what sawetiee or whatever her name is doing she’s pretty but that’s it. Maybe she is sleeping with some powerful executives in the industry
    G Why did they deactivate Nikki is it because of safaree?

    1. I think it’s due to her age and she got blackballed due to Miley Cyrus. They are looking for new, fresh, young girls to cater to a new generation.

  3. Aint Saweetie Gabrielle unions cousin or some crap? She’s made allies… maybe she’s about to be bought on to “the team”… she’s already a blonde- isn’t that part of it?

  4. Who’s gonna replace Nicki? Doja? Cuz ppl aren’t feeling cardi anymore. And meg is just ugh, we don’t care about her either lol

  5. Doja self hates so not a fan. I was just starting to like Kanye again so I hope he doesn’t do any music with Doja.
    I hope Adele can figure it I’m out cuz she should’ve never risked her livelihood over some dick “if that why she die the surgery”

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