July 1, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot takes 6/7 more to come later IT will be a busy night Get ready

  1. Very interesting that Mariah was B’s drinking buddy for years & allegedly hooked up w/her husband yet B focuses all her hatred & jealousy over Rihanna.

    Makes sense why Mariah didn’t bother throwing on that Ivy Park & gave to her daughter to play around in

    Rihanna needs to leave RN as well. She’s too loyal to Jay Brown but it’s Jay-Z who keeps sabotaging her bc it’s a clear conflict of interest.

    How does Jay have all this time for all these affairs as well as still juggling “the perfect family image” & showing up to playoff games w/B?

    It doesn’t matter @ this point what is true or untrue about the Kardashian’s bc they are going to capitalize on it anyways & milk it dry bc any news is good news for them

    & Khloe isn’t leaving Trimester Tristan anyways so if one story turns out to be fabricated but there’s still hundreds of women that have the same receipts that they sleep w/him on the regular it doesn’t matter. Khloe wants to be the ultimate pick me in that family & she looks ridiculous & setting a terrible example for her daughter that these kinds of toxic relationships are okay to suffer through when you don’t have to.

    Scott posting that naked pic of Lisa Rinna’s daughter was peak desperation out of jealousy of the attention Kourtney/Travis is getting

  2. I don’t doubt that there is something wrong with these BM. It’s only now other races of women are experiencing what BW have been for years and hard to deny, but Kim K is still a whorrra!!! Lol

    1. Ain’t NOTHING wrong with black men. Other men are NOT better than a black men on any level. Kim needs to either make better choices or leave black men alone completely

  3. So glad you mentioned the Mariah and Jay stuff. I saw someone mentioned on another IG page that they used to mess around and that was the reason for her split with Roc Nation. I didn’t even know she was with them lol. Could this mean some trouble for MC?

  4. Jay Z always sabotaging women who don’t wanna give his old self some ass anymore. And Mariah is deactivated now anyway so her sleeping with him would’ve been for what? He ain’t gonna help her get a few more years on top by talking to them white folk, and apparently he was treating like a deactivated brand. He would’ve been getting coochie just to get it smh f*** him forreal.

  5. JLo and Ben are fabricated for the media. JLos image took a hit and as always the need to be desirable is what drives her.

  6. I will NEVER slander black men cause ANY man can cheat not just black men. Kim ain’t no better than any other woman…make better choices. Period

    Khloe need to deal with her identity issues. Her insecurities are too loud.

    Like I said ANY MAN can cheat cause Gary Owens been loving and sleeping with black women forever

    Cuba ain’t been right since the OJ movie. He’s a done bun. Goodbye

    Jay sleep with all the pretty woman and a few plain Jane’s because he can and them chicks desperate for a bag. He ain’t no different than all them industry execs. If Mariah still can hit them notes she still can make another album.

    Women and other artist need to step up and say no to their sick freaky fantasies. Those execs can’t make money if people refuse to give in to their demands and be independent but they still haven’t figured that out yet.

    JLo is a photo copied whore…next

  7. Wow. Damn. Jay really is for everybody. Supposedly he screwed Doja Cat, Rita Ora, and Rihanna over for the same reasons at Roc Nation (they refused to sleep with him anymore). Can we get some more sugar about Jay and Mariah? This is the first time I’m hearing this.

  8. Rihanna need to leave Roc Nation as well Kay be sabotaging these women careers when they decide to stop being sexually involved.

  9. So..has meg fucked jay z as well? We all know she’s the type to fuck you dude then smile in ur face

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