May 16, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Spilling Season Saturdays

  1. Giselle finally coming out from under that MK, we love to see it. She really has been nothing but a female product of her husband since before he even put a ring on it. That man will always be wicked but She actually used to have a soul before he snatched it away. If they was to ever separate that would have the community in shambles since they so idolized for all the wrong reasons lol

    At this point we know how Chris feels about karrueche and what he wants, the question is how is karrueche responding to this? Chris is gonna continue to plead his case in order to try to get her back but where is her head at? Is she considering giving it another shot once the RO is up, would she say forget it and not wait until the RO is expired, or is she moved on completely and wants to build with a man that doesn’t have children and such a toxic past between them but is down to stay cordial to avoid drama?

    I would lean more toward she’s moved on and her aura is very much different and more mature since 2015. It’s lowkey obvious by how she hasn’t immediately rushed back to him when she used to rush back instantly when they would break up back in the day,
    Chris wouldn’t have to do anything to get her back. The ball is finally in her court, so we will have to see.

  2. I was Wondering why caresha & Diddy we holding hands. SMH i just wouldn’t do it. I pray She knows wat she’s doing. Wonder wat 808 has to say🤔

  3. Hmm… it would be nice to hear Beyonce actually sing again..I don’t like all that talk singing talk rapping she’s been doing these past five years or so…. her music went downhill after her 4 album (really after her second album)…. but will she really leave Jay-Z?

    Mariah Carey probably didnt need Roc Nation anyway…. her last project was good not sure if that was under Roc Nation or not… but she’ll be fine.

    Caresha and Diddy? She seem a little too hood to be one of Diddy’s chicks and that’s an odd pairing…. Uzi must have JT dick whipped because that joker looks like a Gremlin. I do like the City Girls but I feel like if they break up all eyes are on and been on Caresha/Young Miami and JT will probably fall by the wayside even though JT is the better rapper.

  4. lol Beyoncé waking up, I know Jay won’t let her leave and if she does? I can see him trying to destroy her music career to some extent. Oh yikes, “black sheabutter Twitter” will be heartbroken. Either way, her music hasn’t been the same and I’ve stopped listening to either one of them for years.
    Lol funny how Miami was holding down the City girls with everyone saying that JT was the lyrical one who would push the group even more. Now she’s the one destroying the group. Yikes.
    Lol I don’t see the point in an only fans for Nicki, she was never the person to be extremely “share-active” in that manner, she’s probably gonna show how she writes her raps 😭 and with her fan base it will be leaked anyway. 😂
    Chris brown needs to be single for a while pls. He needs to just try to heal and move forward from what he has been through. He hasn’t been the same in a while.

  5. Thriller night son mother is bugout I’m sure she about to act a fool her obsession with his ex’s is real he look terrible and he needs a deep cleansing kae even tho I don’t care for her either needs to move on but ain’t nobody talking about her and getting with thriller again will help her thriller needs healing cause dude battling demons

  6. Karrueche is now realizing that his baby mama is stalker she’s been doing that she still copies her

  7. I enjoy Chris’ music but Kae does not need to backtrack. Like someone else said, he needs to be alone for awhile and heal and keep focusing on his kids and music. Which baby momma of his was a Kae stalker? Is it the second one who kinda looks like her?

    So from this info is it safe to say that the City Girls might be over? They both seem to be focusing on peen and not their music.

    Good for Bey…I guess…lol

  8. Good for bey. She needs a solo project and tour. I wouldn’t mind her and kanye working together again but we know how that is.

    Caresha mother looks just like her just older.
    Jt haven’t been working or doing anything.

    Tracee ellis seem like that type.

    Diddy just been everywhere again

  9. Dani = IDK but being babymama is her ceiling whisper singing is going out and she is gonna need an AMAZING BAND to make people take notice and reach headline status COVID HAS KILLED THE TOUR CIRCUIT SMDH !

    Yung MIA = step right into Cassandra old slot , model , be pretty and drop as little music as possible ? Sign city girl right up because QC is on the way to being OVER .

    Mimi = LMAO is she going to sit there and let the Roc poach all her talent and music and spread it to lesser artists all around her + its her time to be adult contemporary and get off the slave train .

    Giselle = IDK but too late she has literally skipped thee entire social media era , and now COVID HAS KILLED THE TOURING CIRCUIT and now she wants to be acting classes ? COVID HAS KILLED THE FILM BOX OFFICE INDUSTRY TOO LOL ! Would yall really want to see her on a Tyler TV production , when fans can rewind and replay all her flaws all day long ?

    Breezy = she must have the ultimate sugar box for him to still be stuck on her , IDK but it like he wants his bm to start work but he would want to stop Kiki from working to be his wifey , cant get custody without a relatively upstanding wife to impress the family court .

    Joan = IDK but ALLEDGEDLY she has a super big G spot like super soaker status , She gotta have it when she want it LMAO !

    Taco Bell = G is Jhene secret baby by finally famous ?

    Barbz = Fendi tryna get some bitcoin / NFT type money now IDK the stripper zoom thing wasnt as big as they hoped , LMAO IG girls get your last hot girl summer and cash all.thee.way.out because ALLEDGEDLY OFANZ IS ABOUT TO BE SHUT DOWN SOON due to the owners secret connections to Jeffrey ? Give the stimmy check with one hand , take away Ofanz with the other hand President Harris is going to always find a way to stop an attractive black womens bag , and all the aint shyt pimp negroes Ofanz girls are attached to too LMAO !

    Puff was the target SAYS FBI AGENT but ALLEDGEDLY the culprit was an EX FBI AGENT so what are supposed to do with this revelation now SMDH !

    JT = gave up her bm ALLEDGEDLY , went to jail and got knocked up by a CO ALLEDGEDLY , JT is going to slide to the ROC when MTS gets reprogrammed ALLEDGEDLY , lost alot of social media opportunities due to her problematic tweet history ALLEDGEDLY , QC is about over with ALLEDGEDLY . Sweetpea couldnt wait to get away and Cardigan is stalling her album on purpose , IDK guess JT is on her way out the door too SMDH .

    Eyelash = act tomboy , turn 18 and get sexy , same producers , same videos concepts , wash , rinse , repeat SMDH .

  10. Caresha worked so hard while JT ass was locked up and made her mad money now all she wasn’t to do is be up under Uzi smh

  11. G respond back to my comment please – So is karrueche back talking to Chris now ? You know at first she wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with him..

  12. Caresha tryna secure a sugar daddy and I love it, need to find one for myself.
    Bey needs them acting lessons bad. She can’t even act in an animated movie.

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