July 6, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/2/2021

  1. Kylie and that family are so insecure it’s not even funny especially Khloe with her dumb self
    Madonna son living his truth?
    I still think the Kardashian’s altered the dna test

  2. Ok I need everyone’s honest opinion.. if Rih is happy I’m happy for her, but this relationship kinda seems like PR. I don’t maybe I’m wrong, but why would they need to be on People Magazine and Vogue ??? Are they pregnant and engaged to be married. Rih seems so private with all her relationships. Why would she be so open with this one. Something is definitely not adding up. I’ll wait to see how this plays out.

    1. I disagree ain’t nothing PR about it they been messing around for longer than a year now and I doubt they’ll be on the cover of any magazine together

    2. PR relationships happen when something is being promoted. They’ve been dealing with each other again since late 2019 and rih hasn’t dropped anything nor has rocky. People *not saying you, just saying in general* just love to throw the PR Stunt word around when it’s a couple they dislike and don’t want to be together so they call it a stunt cause that gives them hope that it will end at some point.

      WR and Heaven Hollywood have already said Rocky wants to pop the question and they’ve of course been talking about children. All of these things have been laid out but people keep clinging To these narratives of PR stunts.

      Hopefully rih says something in her article on Friday that finally makes people realize she ain’t this same 20 year old savage who drop men left and right. She almost 35 and is trying to build with the guy she has just as much history with as her other exes for the ones who still in denial about rih and Rocky dating in the past.

  3. Wow I haven’t heard about Ian O Connor in a looooooooong minute. What happened to him? I last heard he was going to jail and I guess it never happened. Does he still kick is with Asap?

  4. Riri’s Vogue cover just came out & there’s no ASAP

    Also, Riri’s security guard was seen w/bags of things leaving ASAP’s house

    Very telling she hasn’t been seen w/him since that interview which tells me it was over before the article came out

    1. Lollll there’s been many times where people think they’re done only to be proven wrong on that

      1. Exactly they thought they were done and
        Over after March only for them to fix their issues and reconcile. They thought he was cheating with Jasmine just for it to come out she was dating luka sabbat and that’s who she was following around everywhere. No matter how many times people say they really all in, fans will continue to remain in denial. Maybe once rih claims him they’ll drop this “she a savage at the age of 33 and don’t want a man” BS. Like that’s cute or something…

    2. The PICTURES from the article dropped today but the article she speaks in hasn’t, it comes out Friday. When he mentioned her in the interview was her face plastered all across the spread with him? No.

      And ever stopped to think she was traveling somewhere with him and That’s why she was spotted leaving his house with a giant bag? What would be the reason to need a big travel bag when you live in the same city. Besides he’s been all through her page liking her vogue pictures so….

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