August 18, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Season 12 Was Florence Griffith Joyner A Industry Sacrifice ?

  1. Sounds so similar to how they try to do Serena Williams In tennis. The closer she gets to breaking That white woman’s record the more they try to “bust” her on something. It’s the fragility in white power for me smh.

  2. I swear you are reading my mind. I was going to ask about Flo Jo when you asked for our questions and forgot. What about MC Trouble? I loved her and boom she was gone.

  3. I felt Flo was sacrifice cause she definitely wasn’t playing that chess, game I never trust her husband something about him didn’t sit right

  4. They do not want black people to flourish at all. SMh. Can you talk about Naomi Osaka’s mental health? Where did that come from all of a sudden?

  5. G you barely have any punctuation errors here! stop it girl! lol can you talk about the “elites” who run these athletes and sports industry ? do the athletes have to do something strange for a lil piece of change and get recorded doing freaky acts like how rappers do? WHAT’S TEA??

  6. I had no clue that Flo Jo had passed. It looks like they are trying the same tactics with Serena and Venus.

  7. G, first thank u for this story. Back then I was naive and u hadn’t put me on game yet so I just thought this beautiful black woman died.
    I know someone else asked but I’m definitely interested in hearing about the elites being involved in sports.

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