May 16, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/26/2021

  1. Lol what power does Quavo think he holds? Migos is on their way out and he trying to blackball folks lol it eats him alive that he was the bigger star when they first got together & then he quickly became “Saweetie’s boyfriend”

    them elites might have big plans for saweetie, they just grooming and building her up.

  2. I don’t believe for one second that Drake wants Kim.. sure he’ll fuck her but that’s it. Didn’t he fuck Kylie too and Kris. This some bullshit

  3. Damn! Who Drake doesn’t want!?!?! He has accomplished so much it’s about time he settle TF down 🤣🤣🤣 or at least try

  4. Quavo hurt 😂 actin like a scorned woman. She didn’t even say anything too bad about him. She could’ve capitalized off that video in the elevator but she didn’t. He’s just mad she finally left. Niggas man. 🙄

  5. The only person drake didn’t try to get with is caitlin Jenner
    I think Erica mena is trying to get a spin off now that’s she’s friends with princess
    Omarion and lil frizzle pop =fake he really needs that check

  6. Ari and her man not gon last, didn’t she cheat on him too?

    Quavo lame ass lol

    Doja shouldn’t date the weeknd anyway, not a good look

  7. Drake need to stop looking for the industry for love. Lbs dating you peer leftovers come on now. Plus how would her kids feel, Kayne still their dad. He should look for an “outsider” hollywood aint for everyone even the ones already in it, they wouldn’t last

  8. Oh now kimora wants to say something. She and Russell was all cool until she stole some shares and now has a Russell lawsuit. This is real convenient

  9. John gotta find another beard 😂. I never really liked Chrissy because of her big mouth and strange looking face.
    Quavo got some nerve, you ain’t do right by her so she moved on and is focusing on her career. These dudes act like bitches.
    Drake is a Scorpio for sure, he wants to fuck Kim and get under Ye skin at the same time.

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