July 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Bow Wow

  1. People usually just don’t act out or talk crazy for nothing. This young man has been violated and taken advantage of, people should keep their children out of Hollywood.

  2. Bow Wow was popping in the 2000’s that is definitely no lie, but the older he got the more cockier he became and it made him seem annoying and desperate to be “hood” by always running off at the mouth. Reading this I can see reasons for his behavior. Hopefully his therapy will one day get him on a different course as he actually is talented, and for whatever reason I’d actually like to see him win and to get out of his own way.

  3. Very disturbing to hear and we wonder why he sleeps with so many women and think it’s because of his looks, confidence & cockiness and in reality he’s probably trying to block the sexual abuse he endured from predators in the music industry. He’s probably questions his sexuality and needs women around him for validation. I hate that He is bullied online and he really should be respected because he is very very talented artist. People need to give him his flowers and show him respect. We have no idea what he’s been through..

  4. He definitely was pass around that industry young and abuse I heard so much about what happened to him under JD wicked ass bow mother isn’t any better she seen green when it game to her son he talk about it on growing up hip hop but didn’t want to tell truth on the abuse

  5. Wow I didn’t know about the sexual abuse but I’m not surprised. I like Bow Wow but he talks to damn much. He really needs to stick to acting because I think he is done as far as music goes. Did his mom sell him to the industry? Where is his father?

  6. Oh he was feeling himself when he made that comment about him and 50. But had he not splurged his money I believe he would be further than where he is

  7. I wonder if he ever considered moving and living a quiet life and letting the fame and staying relevant go just so he could have peace of mind.

  8. My God I feel so bad for him
    I’m not gonna make fun of him anymore. He needs Jesus and healing and I hope he finds peace. Jermaine is disgusting I think he had something to do with Kriss kross. and the guy overdosing on drugs
    I hope he persuades joie to get his daughter out of hollyweird asap

  9. As for Nadia I heard she’s upfront about who she is with the men she deals with from gate. I forgot all about that situation and remember the reality show she was suppose to be on that never came out wonder what happened.

  10. I can’t believe Bow wow when he says that he didn’t know about Nadia and it’s all cool with me if he wants some candy. I wish he would have been like she’s a girl too big deal but this ego shit and saving face shit always seem to get in the way. But also I guess those that control him don’t want too much of his real self revealed.

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