August 18, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 5/23/2021 The real Tea Behind Social Media’s Hottest Topics

    1. He’s African she should of known that u took a married man why wouldn’t he cheat on u she just dumb asf

  1. Erica & Safaree should’ve never got involved w/eachother & now there is innocent children in this mess

    Kwame made $64 million dollars however mainstream would be stupid not to have him on a platform w/the views Kwame is getting on YouTube. He has a distinct diction in his voice that is perfect for a radio show

    CT Tha God is an idiot. & this all goes back to messy Matt Barnes whose a fake tough guy & is stuck w/a broke baby mama who stalks his twins, is obsessed w/his ex wife Gloria & is still posting pics & videos from a Mexico trip from 3 months ago trying to make it seem like her & Matt are on some extended getaway & everyone that calls her out gets blocked

    CT Tha God & Matt are the ones that owe him a public apology but it will look very suspect if they try to shut up Kwame bc he already exposed the Cease & Decist he was sent so this will simply add more fuel to the fire on SM. It’s hypocritical to go these lengths to know about R.Kelly & Bill Cosby for years & then do this massive takedown, but look the other way on CT Tha God’s own skeletons & having him on all these platforms

    How can I trust RN about what they think is good or not when it comes to Riri? How many times has she hand to fund her own albums & music videos bc RN didn’t think it would be a hit or was too edgy that needed up being a success? Even Riri’s worst material is better than 100% of any music that is out there & RN would be an idiot not to capitalize off of that

    I’m more concerned about ASAP being filmed over the weekend for a music video & looked unkempt & dirty, on drugs, having braids in that’s 3 months old & wearing a skirt looking cracked out when this is supposed to be a multimillionaire. Ppl keep asking why the Navy is upset about whatever this thing is w/Riri & this is why. Riri is a damn near billionaire herself & this is who she wants the public to see as the man whose calling her the “love of his life?” A man calling himself “pretty” but steps out the house like that? A man saying on air that women should be buying him gifts & flowers like the kept man he’s expecting to be? ASAP being in jail for assault & saying that Riri used her DV w/Chris Brown for sympathy? Saying black women shouldn’t wear red lipstick? These aren’t “tweets” or an interview that was misconstrued this is direct words out of ASAP’s mouth

    This relationship is more detrimental to Riri’s career than a lackluster album bc the hype has been there for 5 years & would be successful anyways.

    Having ppl now start to call you a crackhead based off of ASAP’s presentation this weekend is way more damaging & Riri is too old to entertain this foolishness & allegedly want a baby w/this man

    1. Yessss. You said a mouth full honey. Im not a Riri Stan but I think she is gorgeous and can do wayyyy better than ASAP. He is one of those types who always looks dusty to me. No matter how much he is worth he looks like a dairy bum. The way he talks down on black women upsets me. Charlamagne should have just kept his mouth shut. He fucked up and he knows it. Safaree is selfish and it shows. We knew this wasn’t going to last.

      1. He only said one comment on which lipsticks he prefer on women of different shades over a decade ago, other than that he’s not talking down on black women. Rihanna good. Around this time last year his hair wasn’t done and she was still traveling around the world with him. Y’all sound like haters and like you want Rihanna to be miserable

    2. You weird as he** for that. This isn’t your first time hating on A$AP. He has his moments where he look like that but for the most part he stay looking nice. Dirt under his nails is overboard that wasn’t even the case. Y’all be way too worried about what other people got going on

  2. I suspected BTS Mariah was trying to give Nick a chance. There was a time where they were randomly spending all this time together but it wasn’t in relation to the kids birthdays or any holidays so I knew something more was happening. Nick is an idiot. Out here impregnating all these women for what? It’s so unattractive & irresponsible to help create all these broken homes

    This Porsha thing is such a terrible look. She put in all this work to be a fan favorite & is going out sad. It doesn’t even look real it looks entirely fake for a storyline to bring in viewers for the show. What Porsha & Bravo fail to realize & not all drama is good drama & there’s plenty of women who have been cheated on who aren’t going to support this foolishness so there will be backlash. You’re telling me there’s no rich baller that wants to wife up Porsha that her only options are married African men & a cheating BD into beastiality?

    So is Travis really into Kourtney or just w/her bc he can’t have her sister? I hope it’s legit bc now their kids are involved & posting about their relationship on SM & are attached & hopeful this is successful. Does Travis know Kim is into BM or does he think he still has a chance anyways?

    B is what happens when you are too fame hungry & can’t handle nobody talking about you & never took the time to really set yourself up for something lucrative outside of music so you won’t have to be near 50 years old making music that isn’t your sound but doing it to stay relevant when everyone else is doing less but still going viral.

    Nobody likes her acting. Nobody likes the fashion she wears so that was never going to be successful. I don’t see Riri ever doing a duet w/B. B needs Riri more than Riri needs her. B is desperate hence why she keeps hopping on remixes of established hits instead of coming up w/something innovative. B’s thirst for fame & not allowing fans to miss her like the fans miss Riri is the real issue here. She oversaturated herself w/the back to back tours & trying to put out music she thought would compete w/Rih that now she’s relying on duets w/viral & new & unestablished artists to stay out there. She’s pretty much done all she can musically & is trying to follow trends instead of making the music that was successful like her 1st album. She’s better off developing Chloe so Chloe can stop performing all these covers on Instagram like a starving artist that doesn’t have a record deal

  3. Erica and safaree are washed up love and hip hop stars she looks like a mannequin and he can’t rap. Should of left Nikki’s groupie alone the robbery I don’t buy. She and her wack husband will either do a big gender reveal or go renew their wedding vowels in Africa or something like that to get attention. Wendy was right.
    Nick is a cornball he and Jessica were cute together
    Tiny is stupid and insecure
    I sure hope Travis isn’t using kourtney
    And when is Beyoncé getting deactivated I’m sick or fake self and her camel looking ashy satanic husband

  4. I see CT tha God did that extensive public apology.

    Becky w/the Good Hair & Stak need to follow suit

    Who knew Kwame Brown had the power to scare ppl like this into apologies to protect their fame & fortune?

  5. I was wondering what Mariah thinks of Nick’s foolishness. Good thing she wasn’t desperate enough to take him back.

    Porsha is definitely going out said. It can’t be this serious to want to stay relevant that you’re tarnishing your name and embarrassing your family and daughter. Bravo also ain’t shit for knowing the real tea but hey, anything for ratings right?

    1. Erica and safaree are annoying asf. They were doomed from the start.

      Bey needs to retire and start doing other things. Her music just isn’t it anymore. If Nicki and Bey did a record it would go #1. Jay doesn’t want nicki around bcuz she was the only one who told Bey the truth. Riri not finna make no music with Bey lmao

      I think Travis is into kourtney tbh. Sometimes u think u like one thing and find out u like another. Its not like he slept with kim. She’s kim freaking kardashian.. what man didn’t have a crush on her at some point?

  6. I’m so disgusted with Nick. He is so embarrassing now and to think I always thought he was sexy
    Beyonce needs to just hang it up. She is looking hella thirsty trying to remain relevant when her time is up..
    Porsha is the most dumbest and embarrassing hoe out there in reality TV and ATL. Her mom failed her to the fullest and I feel even more sorry for her daughter. You would think she would’ve grown a brain by now and make smart moves but she is just soo damn dumb to grasp anything,

  7. Couple more things. I don’t think Riro and Beyoncé will ever get together either. Praha and this big head ass African need to go sit down. Nobody is buying it and she is making her fans mad. Sounds like Travis really did like Kim so I hope Kourtney is not getting played

  8. Pause Tiny was on before TI and he stopped her bag surely there’s no lifestyle she didn’t already have before him. This is a great example of why you don’t do anything for a man. Now you got legal issues over doing “anything”

  9. Safaree should have got back with NIkki. But he had to pull that dumb stunt and faked the funk. Now he is in this mess with innocent children. Geesh Nick smh. Thee men in Hollywierd just wild and for everyone lol

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