July 6, 2022

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10 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Lady Gaga’s Claims Of Sexual Assault

  1. Isn’t Dr. Luke the same guy that assaulted Ke$ha? The fact that his name keeps coming up in sexual assault cases is disturbing. What’s even more disturbing is that the man is STILL working. Probably a got a herd of NEW victims at this point, smdh.

    Lawd, when are they gonna crack down on L. A. Reid? Again, another name that comes up in either sexual assault or sexual inappropriate situations. It’s over due for his butt to be shut down.

  2. What about Vincent Herbert? I remember her wearing a huge mens blazer once at an event(I think for women’s empowerment, etc.)
    She accepted an award and said the reason why she wore that blazer was because it represents the man who sexually assaulted her. She did not say who. But I remember Vincent being that large. But I also remember la Reid being that large too. Any insight?

  3. I’m glad she spoke out and hopefully more women will share their story because there are many others with the same story

  4. LA Reid is coming up in more and more stories, and none of them positive. His karma is going to be one nasty mofo. When tf is the entertainment industry going to stop enabling and protecting these rapists/sadists/molesters?

  5. I think it’s Tal Herzberg or Ron Fair. Tal died in 2010. But RedOne did four songs on her first album.

  6. Is Akon like that? I guess so since you mentioned his name. I bet his ass has been involved in lots of things like this.

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