July 1, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Nicki Minaj vs Megan Thee Stallion

  1. I find it hard to believe that Cardi will not respond. She has had a diss track ready to use against Nicki, she been egging her on for months trying to get a response…. & how is Meg surprised when she threw subliminal shots in her freestyle and what’s new her self. Is she thinking she got away with it because the fans didn’t make a big deal about it? Everyone been caught on that they weren’t cool. I honestly want Nicki and a Meg to do another song together. So I’m salty about it going sour. I blame it all on Jay, using Meg to get at Nicki (My theory)

  2. LOL Megan will probably throw a couple of shots but nothing too serious because she doesn’t want the smoke with Nicki.
    Cardi probably won’t diss Nicki because her favorite writer is dating Megan, however she was subbing someone in her DJ Khaled song which was really really bad. It was awful.
    From Nicki’s approach on the three new songs, I truly believe she doesn’t care about them anymore. She seems way calmer and happier than before. With the mixtape out most ppl realized the girls can’t compete and therefore can’t compare to her.

  3. It’s hilarious seeing Nicki go through what she did to Kim. Karma is always on time.

    Megan should throw out a mini diss because this is hip hop rap right? Let her do her thing. There’s room for ALL these women to flourish.

    1. And the only thing that was a fact about the shit then and now is that Nicki is the better rapper out of them all

    2. I agree with you. Like what’s the problem with all of these ladies being good at what they do and getting them coins 💰

    3. Nicki did nothing to kim. Lol kim was just jealous. Nicki gave her props multiple times. Pls don’t get in here and play dumb

      1. Gucci a fckin lie if he ever said that it’s right here on the blog why Kim is mad about that song. It was birdman and his brothers fault not nickis.

    4. Which one is bankrupt owe the irs etc nicki ain’t did nothing to lil kim but pay homage she got y’all brainwashed because you said nicki is getting karma what karma. lil kim beefed with foxy Eve trina azealia banks etc and YALL will still say it’s nicki smh y’all hate her that much when you can’t admit that lil kim is the problem.

    5. More like lil kim karma because she still owe the irs and on top that can only sale 1000 copies. Kim is facing a lot of karma from the things she did to not only Nicki, lil kim, Trina and eve. That’s karma because the whole industry is against her lol come that’s good because the industry is full of BS. Y’all love throwing that ka

    6. What did Nicki do to lil Kim? Lil Kim is sour Nicki got global and she stayed local! Plus Kim beefed w almost every female in the industry before Nicki y’all forgot?

  4. It’s amazing these women can’t just do there music and keep it moving. Not everyone is going to like you. It is OKAY. It should be the number one thing to consider.

    Rule number one: Get a tough skin. People is always going to test you.

    I’m glad Meg is taking a break and keeping to her self and glad Cardi is focusing on her album.

    Nicki talent is undeniable, but I think there is a space for all sorts of music people could enjoy.

    Make money. Save. Keep it moving.

    Easier said than done 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. It’s hard to be a Nicki fan because you don’t want to be associated with the delusional Barbs. I think he career and success would have been greater if it weren’t for her overly aggressive yet non-productive fan-base.

    1. Do you really choose which artist you like based on their fans? Lol you people just be writing anything on this internet. 🙄

      1. I get what’s they’re saying tho to be a fan of Nicki you automatically get associated with the Barbz that fan base is off the chain

    2. They are productive though how you think she got as far as she has now? It takes talent, hard work, dedication, and the fans too. 😂 if you on this blog you know that once she was deactivated and not in the good graces of the elites anymore it’s not much her fans can do on their own. They were working double time behind the scenes to make her look like a flop.

      1. Are you on the blog to get info or just dispute other people’s claims? The info is here 😂

  6. I understand her possibly taking shots at cardi but why Megan? Was is something behind the scenes we don’t know about? I know jay has a hand in making Megan distance herself from nicki but is their something else?

      1. Ok I’ve never heard it so I didn’t know. But it doesn’t make sense that she would do that if she’s the one who’s saying she didn’t know it was a problem between them. That would mean she started it.

  7. Yeah I’m trying to figure out where the beef is coming from. I wish these ladies would just show love to each other.

  8. Nicki, give it up. Kim killed you. Remy. Doja took jabs now Megan. She ain’t won a battle yet

  9. I blame the industry making Nicki feel like she can be the only female rapper out when she was she had a solid run but it’s ok sis everybody can eat Nicki says she like rap chicks but the ones who aren’t any threat to her I never could get into her I just don’t know why I like a few of her songs just not a fan

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