May 16, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Spilling Tea on Everybody

  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this thing w/ASAP won’t last. ASAP literally has been spotted out w/other women these past few months by multiple ppl w/receipts, but now I’m supposed to believe this article when who knows when this interview was conducted he’s been faithful to Riri all this time & shes “the one” w/Zoe, Jasmine & others still lurking around?

    & just like Riri’s exes always do this declaration of love in these articles conveniently when they have something to promote & long after we stop seeing her w/them. Now w/the buzz of this article, ASAP is announcing all these deals he has going on that he could’ve did it a long time ago without mentioning Riri, but then nobody would buy it or care.

    I’ll wait until Riri says something. Vogue seems to be the only legit publication these days that accurately reports on Riri & Riri has built the rapport w/them to be honest about everything in her life

    Amazing artist & businesswoman but her personal life choices sans Matt Kemp have been complete & utter trash. There’s no such thing as a faithful rapper & there never will be. Ask Beyoncé, Kelis, Ciara, Ashanti, T-Boz,Janet, DaniLeigh, Swaettie, Tiny & many others how that worked out for them.

  2. Nick Cannon & Usher creating more broken households spreading their seed everywhere after being married & in committed relationships w/some of the baddest women in the game?

    Jay-Z needs to focus on business.

    Why does Simone stay w/LL? I’m sure she would be set for life if she finally left him

    These celebs are so predictable changing up their sexuality conveniently when their career is going absolutely nowhere & they need some press. I fully expect Demi to claim in a few years she’s straight again & that she’s always been a pillar for women

    Kwame needs his own platform. His diction is insane. He has nothing to lose & made his millions. There were worst busts than him & he got tired of being the butt of those jokes & is about that life. I hope he exposes Matt some more including his latest BM who is broke, doesn’t take care of her own kids, only cares about her child w/Matt & is obsessed w/Matt’s twins w/Gloria & was in those comments trying to slander Vanessa Bryant & tried to say she was a lie the day of the HOF

    Trimester Tristan needs to just live his life as a single NBA player that nobody expects a commitment from like Janes Harden. All these women exposes him while Khloe tries to present this image of couples goals & it’s sad & embarrassing. Meanwhile her sisters stay wifed up by different men who would never stay w/men who humiliate them like this.

    Glad Chrissy finally has been humbled. She did way too much on SM & loved the attention & clout & now finally she’s five. I wonder if John Legend will be done w/her too

    This Russell/Kimora thing came out if nowhere. Weren’t they cool & coparenting & her defending him against those allegations? This is about to be a mess

  3. So how much more proof does khlomadiya need?
    I knew it safaree and Erica were lying
    They wrong putting those ppls life in jeopardy
    Is Chris brown back on drugs he looks like it

  4. Typical men of course Kanye will be seen with a woman first but I just know when kimmy comes she gon come hard and Kanye’s “women” of the moment won’t be so fascinating anymore

  5. This was juicy!
    Dani is a bonafide dumbass, she let that man ruin her career while uplifting his own smh. He was just on IG today all over some Mexican dancer lady.

    Tristan is just funny at this point lol he dont give A DAMN!

    Lori Harvey is the Queen hot girl! How u got future of all ppl on his feelings lmaooo hes so butthurt. But Michael is WAY better than future. He finer, less toxic, and no kids. Lori better get wifed by him. Period.

    Demi gotta be on that stuff again. Cuz chile that hair cut….

    Let’s see if ASAP and Rih last,she never claims these men, so well see

    1. Not Mexican Dancer Lady LMAO!! That’s recording artist Anitta from Brazil trying to crossover now into the US market. Although her reputation w/men since her divorce hasn’t been the best.

  6. Future is a narcissist. He just wants Lori (and Ciara) bcuz they don’t want him, and they got better men. Future just don’t wanna be told no, he’s not worth it.

    Erica and safaree are a joke. Tbh i really think him and nicki both got married and had kids to get back at each other. Idk, i really think they were meant to be..but drake ruined it lmao (jk)

  7. Who is Candi? What is her connection to Nicki?

    Dani and DaBaby-Safaree and Erica…. Both these couples are.🤡🤡🥴

    I’m skeptical about ASAP and Rihanna making it work, but we’ll have to see.

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