July 6, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Dispel Sophie Brussaux

  1. I been saying this, the videos she’s done are no different from what I see on Instagram or Twitter. I’m kind pissed at Drake for not shutting down the negative stories about her. I’m sure he had her sign an NDA which pisses me off because she should be allowed to tell her story.

  2. Uhhh she ain’t no problem cuz she know where her funds come from I would t be a problem either .

  3. I like her and respect her as a mom and woman. She’s getting her money regardless and she’s being a mom. That’s what counts.

  4. Um she’s a sex worker or cam girl…technically not a porn star , but still in the sex industry. So they aren’t over exaggerating

  5. From what I saw of her videos, she falls under the cam girl department(solo play, full nudity). So yeah cam girls are technically sex industry.

    As for unproblematic, we know how Drake rolls. He more than likely had her sign some type of NDA. And we know he keeps her financially set. It would be dumb to cause any problems. Besides we know in the beginning she wasn’t “unproblematic” she is the one who told us about the baby lol.

    Drake was the one with the most to lose, so he is stupid for not protecting himself. But if he could do again, I don’t think he would choose a Cam girl to be the mother of his child 🤷

  6. Y’all are literally acting like she wasn’t exposed as an escort not a porn star. So no there’s no videos of her online but Asap Rocky n others were almost her baby daddy. Drake took 3 tests, stop playing with us.

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