May 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “New Segment Verzus Sugar Edition New Edition Vs Jodeci

  1. Round 1 of NE vs Jodeci:

    Winner: New Edition….

    The majority of Jodeci’s tea has been spilt over the years and across many blogs…. New Editions tea is more scandalous due to their image and the fact that their biopic shook the table and raised the roof!!!! (I saw a YouTube video last week where Tami Roman spilt the juice that her and another young lady back in the day had a threesome with Ronnie Devoe back in the day…..stuff like that I expect from Jodeci…but New Edition I feel like they have some hot tea and spiked juice that’s still bubbling…get into it! 😎)

  2. I thought Davante was the bad ass definitely the fine one , he strung out and going out bad

  3. Both of their teas is messy. NE tea is probably more messier. Kim was in the Feenin video, was this around the time Devante’ smashed her?

  4. I say NE wins, but I’m so sad to hear about Devante smh. Can we get some Dru Hill sugar too and Boyz II Men especially after hearing Kandi’s experience with them

  5. I know everybody mostly choosing New Edition but I’m gonna have to give it to Jodeci. Something about New Edition tea just gives off a “friends switching up on you” for the most part type of vibe. Jodeci is just more on some buck wild shit idk how to describe it.

    Only tea that had my mouth drop was bobby trying to push up on The daughter. Everything else was kinda eeeh.

  6. Definitely NE!!!! Bobby son looks just like Ralph ( Like Jim Jones some looks
    Like Camron)!!!! The biopic only spilled a little tea and I’m ready more!!!

  7. New Edition’s egos are what’s keeping them from being super successful and it’s quite sad.

    But I love this segment and we need more of it. Next up Fresh prince vs Martin… lol

  8. Well damn no wonder Mike always had that swag..that jodeci tea of the church being a sex cult and Ralph messing with El Debarge’s was ex…All in can say is Yes In Fukn Deed… I’m give it to NE this round..thanks G♥️

  9. New Edition definitely won this hands down. Yeah, Jodeci has their mess but due to their image wild stuff was kind of expected and like the first comment says, NE had a cleaner image. But…they were dudes from the projects in Boston so….lol

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