August 18, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Heaven Knows Everything

  1. I was always wondering what the hell happened between Kim and Ciara they haven’t been cool with each other in a minute

  2. Also I totally remember that Kim and Travis fling don’t forget she did some modeling for his clothing line, her and Shanna Moakler already got into it over him

  3. didnt Christian Combs break up with his girl to get with Kylie?
    smh a whole silly ass. Breah beautiful AF
    Has Audrey ever lied about anything though?I still think Travis may have been into Kim first but as far as hooking up? I don’t see it? idk…
    Werent Rob and Chyna on good terms and sharing custody? does she want more money? I do not understand
    Also I had no idea kim and ciara were friends lol

  4. That CB and Drake EP will probably have Twitter in shambles and will dominate the charts. Not sure if drake actually should release an album then?? I really don’t understand the JLo hype…
    Megan can throw all the shots she wants but when Nicki fires back and she is hurt & in her feelings that’s on her. Because RN will drop her sooner than later and she will be on her own.

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