July 4, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/17/2021

  1. I would pay big $$$ for a porno w jimmy smacks and azealia and I mean that! Im with all this! Sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. I think Azailia is a little special I dont know why people entertain her. It’s probably true about Kim sleeping with Travis back in the day. I could not be engaged to anyone that has had my sister. I hope Kortney finds happiness though.
    So is RiRi coming back or nah!
    Great work G!

  3. Oh wow so nba really does want little special yaya
    Why won’t danileigh just admit she’s pregnant

  4. Kim having an affair with Travis in the past? I dont think so, but I do feel like he was into her first .
    I would haaaaaaaaaaaaate to be the second option and pregnant. lol cmon dani…
    Wait so nba be dissing Yaya but smacking her up anyway? Wow life comes full circle don’t it? Mayweather abusive too no? SMDH….

  5. I saw a picture of CB and Victor Cruz in the background at Draya’s party!! Any tea there?! I need it

  6. Azealia is talented but the industry must’ve done a number in her. Dani looking real pregnant, it looks like she’s due any day now. I hope Nicki keeps her blocked City Girls are whack and if we being honest they fifteen minutes are bout up (Cardi too)

  7. Dani got everything she wanted so hey. I’m not mad, I’d rather have a rich bd than a broke one lol
    Yung Miami a whack clout chaser
    The Travis barker thing isn’t weird imo, i heard he never smashed kim just shot his shot. She said no, so he want for the sis..That happens all the time

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