July 6, 2022

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9 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Joe Budden Fireing Rory and Mal

  1. Love Joe but I can’t with Ak. I really hope it’s not going to be a podcast cause AK is so immature and I don’t like how he carries himself. Love Ice and Ish though been such a better listen and better chemistry….

  2. I will never watch Hoe Budden. Hes a complete bitch to women and honestly hes a bitch professionally. All you can do w Joe is piss in his mouth. Not worth shit. And never will be. Just a dick. Cant wait for him to get done in the industry!

    1. This is truly written from the heart, I understand tho.

      G, can we get a backstory on Joe, I know one maybe two songs from him. He doesn’t seem to be an acclaimed rapper, no philanthropy work, why is his opinion important to have a podcast to begin with?

  3. If I was rory & joe was supposed to be my friend I’d probably be mad too. But he has to remember that he is the one who ultimately caused his relationships demise.

  4. Honestly think Mal and Rory were working on something together and that’s why they started questioning Joe. I think they purposely got fired thinking it would get them out their contract….

  5. It’s Joe’s show he can do what he wants. But if Rory was any kind of friend to him he coulda told AK to chill, at least in front of him(Joe), when it came to the insults. Yeah, Rory made his bed, but Joey doesn’t need to hear the noise. I also think it’s a bad idea to link with AK. That man is a MAJOR annoyance.

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