July 6, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Jay-z and Beyonce Will Show Nicki Love but Don’t be fooled

    1. They’re the worst bloodsuckers but I’m sure nicki knows by now that this is chess not checkers.

  1. Ugh I wish Jay & B would stop like they’re so obvious w/their clout chasing. They really went from Nicki to Cardi to Lizzo to MTS & back to Cardi or Nicki depending on what comes of things without blinking & now since anything Riri does is instant news they’ll pretend to play nice when they’ve been nowhere to be found the past few years

    How is Riri Jay’s artist but knows nothing about Riri’s other ventures if he’s supposed to be getting a check? I thought it’s Jay Brown that is Riri’s manager & Jay would only stand to benefit if it has to do w/music?

    The fact that him & Bey have no idea if Riri/Nicki have a song, having a sit down on Queen Radio or have a fashion collab based off them wearing matching heels is embarrassing

  2. We won’t be shocked if those 2(Carters) end up “showing love”. It is beyond obvious that they are fake clout chasers. We just gonna come back here and say you called it lol. Like we always do 🤣.

  3. I’m so here for them to drop a song together. Break the internet & the airways Queens!

  4. It’s so obvious that those 2 are clout chasers dick hopping from one “popping” artist to the next. Sad that so many people are so blind to their true intentions and people go crazy when the Carter’s show “LoVE” to upcoming artists like nah that’s not genuine, it’s fake and they only riding your wave cause you popping right now 🥴

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