August 18, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/11/2021

  1. Wait isn’t Madonna a high priestess why would they do that to her oh wait I know because they’re evil and the devil is a deceiver 🙄

    1. Chileeee you can do everything they want you to do & still not make it out alive ☕️

  2. Hey I wonder when Baccchyna did that Lucy tat she got on her back. Looks like Tokyo Toni wasn’t wrong when she said her daughter sold her soul to the devil.

  3. Cardi has 5 number ones, a diamond record and a grammy and her team is still pressed about people liking nicki? What does that tell you about ya girl and her career. Seriously building and stacking off nicki backbone, a black woman at that smh.

  4. I need more on Porsha. Is this all for a storyline to stay on the show?

    Also she’s getting her second spin-off & 3rd Bravo show overall

  5. Cardi has so much success. What more does she want? Let Nicki have her moment. Lol 🤣

    Bennifer back together again? I think they should do what makes them happy.

    Never was a fan of Madonna, but she needs to gets help ASAP.

  6. Come on Nicki! They tried to blackball you and that hate train was evil af but she so strong she persevering through all the hate and madness. My fave💕real talent always wins.

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