May 16, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Spiling Tea on Everybody

  1. Damn I’m sorry to hear that for Serena! She better keep her mind as strong as her physical strength!

  2. DJ Khaled has jump offs😳? How and why? These hookas will screw ANYTHING for clout and a quick buck.

  3. DJ Khaled has some nerves to have mistresses. HE doesn’t even eat pussy so what is the point? But I guess the celeb male ego and money comes at play but whatever

  4. I hope Meagan reads this post so she can turn the tables on him lol MGK just a fuc…. boy snap out of it babe!!!
    Now why does their need to be a smear campaign on NAS? Is Jay putting Jason up to this? What did Nas do to deserve such thing? hmmmmm It’s crazy how everything I see on Jason is so negative. He really must be shitty lol

    1. well they all remember what she said about black men and they feel as though she tries to act better than them

  5. If you read Carmen(Nas ex) book, Carmen and Nas fought. According to Kelis, Nas and Kelis fought. Not excusing Nas at all. I hope Serena is not bleaching. Miley and Elon wouldn’t be a surprise. Tawny Kitean( excuse misspelling) was a wanted woman in the 1980s, early 1990s. RIP

  6. I would have left Jalen’s sellout ass sitting right there crying. Just like Snoop begging for prayers….let those other women they praise console them.

  7. Jason Lee is a b#%^h! I’m not here for Nas slander…. somebody needs to take Jason Lee’s expired a%% down! 🤬😤😡

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