May 16, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Season 12 Sugar Bullets Luther Vandross

  1. I feel like I knew most of this. Poor Luther. He really didn’t get to live his life how he wanted. Why did they call him Lucifer? Because he was mean or something deeper?

    1. I think he was a divo. I heard about the whole en Vogue situation before and he was really mean to them. I’m guessing he was mean because he couldn’t be himself. Sad that he had for so long

  2. I knew a lot of this, but ya just gonna casually drop that little Randy Jackson nugget in there? So Randy is bi? Or was he just dl at the time, because I thought he was either married or had children with a long term girlfriend that Jermaine wound up stealing or something.

  3. Yassssss it’s the Luther tea! Thanks man! Wow! It was always kinda obvious Luther was gay, but him being called Lucifer…just WOW. Luther was probably a mean bish because he refused to live his truth…that the general public had already figured out. And he just took his anger out on others. Who calls the cops on people walking past your dressing room 🤦.And Randy likes men? Interesting lol.

  4. This is the 2nd guy I’ve heard of Randy messing with… but all of this was kind known and quite obvious.

  5. If he would of came out of the closet he would have been nicer.

    Everyone knew he was gay. I remember being in high school and telling my mother. She was crushed. Lol

    1. but he never confirmed it everyone the industry knew but nobody outside f the industry could confirm it

  6. Such a sad life. My mom told me he was gay… plus those huge performances 😂. It’s sad he couldn’t live in his truth… he probably would have still been here…

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